Monday, November 19, 2007

Local Celebrity Sightings @ Dogeaters

Reverting back to my normal fangirl mode, inside Carlos P. Romulo theater last Saturday were a bunch of local celebrities in the audience. Sighted were good-looking actors TJ Trinidad and Rafael Rosel. The Eigenmans were in almost full force from Rosemarie Gil, Eddie Mesa, Mark Gil and Ryan Eigenmann.

I laugh reallly loud but that evening, Ms. Leah Salonga was laughing louder than me! She was across the aisle from us sitting with the play's director Bobby Garcia.

During the break, we also spotted Boy Abunda who was sitting at the last row in the orchestra section. Bembol Roco was also in attendance as well as Vangie Labalan, a well reputed voice talent and theater actress as well. Denise Laurel was with the Eigenmanns.

One thing I realized is that though there was this desire to ask for photos, the atmosphere was very intimate that NO ONE was taking photos with the celebrities! And I wasn't that desperate. Now if those were Takuya Kimura or any of the F4 boys....the story will be very, very different.

The only photo that I have the desire to have is with batchmate and friend Jon Santos who by the way performed so well as "Perlita", the gay owner of Studio 54 in the play. After all, I am his # 1 Fan...hahaha!

Note to self: I should get myself more of that purple knitted blouse on this coming Hongkong trip. I found that in a mall somewhere in Jordan, Kowloon side.


pochie said...

Yari ka ke kathy! Love nya si TJ Trinidad.. hahahhaha....

At bat dmo ko sinama? Bwehehhehe

OT: gusto ko makita si Derek!

GIGI said...

Sabihin mo kay Kathy, he's good-looking but as tall as me lang. hehe..

At kaya kita hindi sinama kasi...libre lang eto! Wahahaha!

Answer to OT: Ako din! Gusto ko sya makita. Hahaha!

vic said...

sinong derek? derek ramsay? shucks. saw him before in rockwell. he looks absolutely .... yummy. (ok not as yummy as tk but delectable in his own way.) hahahaha

GIGI said...

Ikaw talaga sumasabat ka na basta gwapo ang usapan! hahaha! But I agree, he must have been delectable in his own little way. :-D