Thursday, November 22, 2007

These Shoes are love....and off to another adventure!

Ochie and I bought these shoes in the Ximending area in Taipei. There are many shoe shops there that carry locally made shoes at very, very reasonable prices, in short, cheap. Obviously from the looks of it, you would know which one is mine and which one is hers. I actually love Ochie's Burberry kinda print pair but my size is still a challenge in modern day Taipei. *pulls hair*

The price of the shoes? 390 NT$ each which is approx. 500 Php. A steal!!

These pair of shoes are off travelling again. It's been 3 years since I've been to HK so I am excited to see it again and most especially to see it with my budding chef hubby and my ever travel partner. I hope I can find more size 9 flat shoes over there.

I'll be back to tell the tale....Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Calling Everyone from San Beda Alabang

formerly Benedictine Abbey School and St. Benedict College.... It's GRAND ALUMNI HOMECOMING TIME!!!!

The Jubilarian batch is very excited (that's us!) to host this party. We've lined up great entertainment for all alumni. Raffle prizes are also up for grabs.

An Early Christmas Present...

Frannie, my batchmate who is my partner in organizing our high school homecoming gave me an early Christmas present. It actually became an exchange gift because I just had to get her a neck accessory because I thought that it suited her flamboyant personality.

Presenting my new purple bag...thank you, maraming salamat, xie xie ni, arigato gozaimashita Frannie Babe!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Local Celebrity Sightings @ Dogeaters

Reverting back to my normal fangirl mode, inside Carlos P. Romulo theater last Saturday were a bunch of local celebrities in the audience. Sighted were good-looking actors TJ Trinidad and Rafael Rosel. The Eigenmans were in almost full force from Rosemarie Gil, Eddie Mesa, Mark Gil and Ryan Eigenmann.

I laugh reallly loud but that evening, Ms. Leah Salonga was laughing louder than me! She was across the aisle from us sitting with the play's director Bobby Garcia.

During the break, we also spotted Boy Abunda who was sitting at the last row in the orchestra section. Bembol Roco was also in attendance as well as Vangie Labalan, a well reputed voice talent and theater actress as well. Denise Laurel was with the Eigenmanns.

One thing I realized is that though there was this desire to ask for photos, the atmosphere was very intimate that NO ONE was taking photos with the celebrities! And I wasn't that desperate. Now if those were Takuya Kimura or any of the F4 boys....the story will be very, very different.

The only photo that I have the desire to have is with batchmate and friend Jon Santos who by the way performed so well as "Perlita", the gay owner of Studio 54 in the play. After all, I am his # 1 Fan...hahaha!

Note to self: I should get myself more of that purple knitted blouse on this coming Hongkong trip. I found that in a mall somewhere in Jordan, Kowloon side.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

DOGEATERS, A Play About the Philippines

Last night my husband and I watched DOGEATERS (, a play about the Philippines written by celebrated Filipino-American writer Jessica Hagedorn at the Carlos P. Romulo theater in RCBC Plaza. I figured it was time to take a break from the fun but occasionally shallow world of fandom.

Dogeaters has had several showings in the US over the past 10 years but never in the subject country- the Philippines! So Atlantis Productions finally brought the play to Philippine shores and it opened for a limited run last November 16th.

I expected it to be a heavy drama since the book's background is the tumultuous time of the Marcoses leading to the 1985 Edsa Revolution. What I did not expect though is that oftentimes I would be dying of laughter.
Why laugh so hard when the play's subject matter is very serious? Several things but first and foremost is the story-telling of an era that I can so relate to - the 80's, 1982 to be exact.

I graduated from high school in 1982 and the background of the dramatic sketches brought me back to the past big time. The fashion, the music, the products that I remember using/consuming and the technology of the times or lack of. The play's director Bobby Garcia, would lead us to a depth of emotion with the tragic stories of characters like Daisy Avila, Senator Avila's daughter who fell in love with a member of the New People's Army, considered insurgents by the Philippine government. Also of Joey, the often drugged DJ/manwhore who witnessed the assasination of Sen. Avila and Trining, the girl from the province who saw her lover slain for being a suspected but unsuspecting assasin.

Whenever, we are all about to cry or wallow in depression, the era made us all remember life back then and the play would make us all laugh. Laugh at how we remember the days of Studio 54 (the replica of New York's..), the people watching at the Jeepney Bar in Intercon (which by the way is still there but not as illustrious as it was in the 80's) and how the movies including the "bomba" movies would serve as our only form of entertainment.

I remembered myself, my family and how we coped with life back then. And though our life was not as tragic and megalomaniac as the characters in the play, we were all survivors of an era when the country was awakened from its stupor. That we were all part of the montage that was the political turmoil. It made me remember why I love this country and why I am still here despite all the rage of migrating and going overseas.

The Filipinos are not just "dogeaters" to the western world, we are a people that are maturing in our belief, battling through the confusion that was brought to us by our colonizers and so-called friends from the west. We are a forgiving nation sometimes to a fault. And we are passionate about love - kahit na mali ang mahal natin.

Catch Dogeaters. It will run until December 1. You can buy tickets online at Ticketworld (

Friday, November 16, 2007

SOP Purple on me..

Everyday, these items are what you will find inside my bag. Essentials you might say...

That wallet is my sister's gift to me last Christmas. It was really hard to find a nice purple wallet with lots of space for my junk. I dread the day that this wallet will be replaced but its proving to be tough as nails.

I love that purple CK shades. Again, it took me a while to find it but a traffic jam would bring me and my husband to stop at Megamall ( one day for something to eat and lo and behold it's sitting inside the display shelf when we passed by.

The Parker ballpen ( was a gift from my sister-in-law with an engraving of my name. One of the coolest since its purple and even the ink is a rare purple.

And lastly, my Timex watch ( has been with me for years. Can't remember when but I've gone to many travels with it, swam in several beaches and pools with it and played sports with it. It's my weekend watch that fits anything that I wear which is usually jeans and something purple blouse..hehe I still cannot forget that I had to wait 6 months (!) for a replacement strap. Now I am beating myself because I should have gotten 2 sets.

Well like I said, these are essentials to a purple person like me.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Life Goes On...Back to my Taipei Video Blogs

This video sounded better than the first ones I've uploaded. The adage that one does get better as long as you keep at it seem to be true for me. Hahaha!

It's a clip of our hotel in Ximending and the empty streets of the area in the quiet of the morning. I love both day and night of Ximending. In the morning, you get to see other details you usually don't see like facades of stores and displays while at night you get to see the people and the items on sale.

Right next to our hotel is a shop that sells clothes ranging from NT$ 100 (that's right, Php 140 pesos only..) up to NT$ 390. Suddenly I was thankful that I was my size because had I been smaller I would have owed Ochie a ton of money and would be paying up until my retirement! :-D

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just Taking a Moment to Condemn Terrorism

Like I said, terrorism is closer to home.

At 8:15pm Tuesday, a bomb exploded at the House of Representatives killing one member of Congress and many more seriously injured. The rest of the story is at

The House of Representatives (Batasang Pambansa) is about 20 mins from where I live. Though my drive home along Mindanao Ave. was very peaceful, at the other side of the avenue things were apparently chaotic.

..............Lord, we pray for peace.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Celebrate Someone's Birthday and he's not a member of my family...

Every year, for the past 4 years, my girlfriends and I celebrate the birthday of someone who is not a member of my family but who figures prominently in my daily life...

He is called Captain by his minions of wenches all in love with the him - his voice, his acting ability, his dancing skills, his cooking, his laughter and his sexy body.

His harem of wenches do not care that he is an unreachable star...someone who is difficult to see, feel and touch. I myself has only seen him in the flesh once, in my mecca of fandom - Japan.

To compensate for this lack, I collect whatever he has be it his album with his group SMAP or his movie or drama or photobooks. I am again looking forward to seeing him next year, where you might ask, I really don't know. But see him I will!!

Many people would think that this is a crazy past time and a waste of energy and money. But rather than gamble, being a fan of Kimura Takuya has given me not only happiness but more friends in many parts of the world.
Happy Birthday Takuya!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 11 is not just my brother Denver's birthday...

It is now also the death anniversary of our father, Paterno who passed away last year.

Paping, we miss you. The past year has been one of the greatest and I wish that you and Maming are with us. Please continue to be our guardian angels as we go on with the challenges of "living".

More Taiwan Video Blog: Ximending and Rose Music Store

Remember the video about our first Taipei food? Well here is the sequel of that video. Right after eating, we decided to walk around Ximending and check out the place especially Rose Music Store where we will be buying Vic Chou cds the next day. That is why we are primarily here anyway - to be in time for Zaizai's album launching and promotion events.

Ximending at night during the early evening is full of life. It is filled with young people hanging out, shopping or having dinner. You can see for yourself that the weather is already unpredictable...I will find out later that it CAN be cold! Brrrr...

Now here is something unique...Taipei's hit charts look mainly at purchases from this store, the Rose Music Store. I was so used to seeing HMVs, Tower Records or other music stores in other countries except here. So this is usually a first stop for any fangirl attending events such as album launches or autograph signing.

More video blogs later...I am starting to like this video bloggin' thing. Be forwarned my friends! hahahaha!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Air of Christmas

Christmas is in the air and it has come to the purple birdcage. Busy at work as usual, my ever enthusiastic husband has decided it's time to put Christmas decors on. We Filipinos celebrate the longest Christmas as they say. Many of us rummage through last year's decor and put them up as soon as All Saint's Day has passed.

So when i arrived home, I was happy to see but almost could not recognize...our alcove!

I had those purple ribbons and balls for ages but just now realized that I need to buy more purple hangings for my Christmas alcove.

While I was taking photos of the alcove, I notice that I have updated my entertainment mecca with new tokens and souvenirs of love. Hahaha!

To keep Takuya Kimura and Hideaki Takizawa company up there, Masha has come to stay for good as well Zhou You Min. But no hard feelings. I love it that all of them daisuki boys are represented.

Hmmmmm....I want more of those purple ribbons...nothing but the prettiest for my pretty boys.

Friday, November 9, 2007


And he is not gay! Hahahahaha!!!

A long-haired pony-tailed guy mistook another long-haired sometimes in pony-tail guy for A GIRL!! And when I told my highschool batchmate that he is a guy, I could not forget the expression on Buddy's face when he said "so is he gay?".

Kuya Badong, you've forced me to go into a monologue about Takuya Kimura, artist par excellence. Since you claim to read my blog regularly (thank you mwah!), I would like to tell you a bit more about him. And this is from be impressed! :-)

Kimura Takuya (japanese way of saying names is last name first then given name) was born Nov. 13, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan. He entered showbusiness not because he wanted to but because an aunt submitted his name to an agency called Johnny's which he was accepted as one of their "artist in training" boys.

He eventually was assigned to join a group which they called SMAP which stands for Sports, Music Assemble People. I know, our English teacher would cringe at the grammar but that is what the acronym really stands for. SMAP debuted in 1991. In Japan, a group has debuted once they have a legitimate single or album released. After the single "Can't Stop Loving", there was no turning back for Takuya and SMAP.

The rest as they say is history - 18 albums, 37 singles, a variety show called SmapXSmap running for 12 years, a radio show called What's Up Smap hosted solo by Takuya running for 11 years, hit movies and concert tours yearly in a span of 15 years!

Takuya is one of the most visible artists in the Japan. He has many product endorsements that you would see his face literally plastered all over Tokyo from the buildings, drink vendo machine, to the train station. He is a fashion icon that when he grows his hair, may Japanese guys would too. And when he cuts it short, they would too.

Many Takuya fans would rather not speak about this but Takuya is married with two little girls named Kokomi and Mitsuki. He married his boyhood idol Shizuka Kudo who was once a very popular member of an all-girl singing group Onyako Club.

Though many are wishing that he be single again, I would rather be his mistress forever. Hahaha!

That's about it Kuya Buddy. I hope you are a bit enlightened. And entertained. I hope you can take pictures of him because he is really a very pretty guy.

The rest of his story is here

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FLASHBACK! My US Purple Loot

When my girlfriend Ochie was assigned to the US last year, what became our past time was online shopping. Since we missed each other, we would chat and shop while chatting almost everyday. God knows how many hours we spent at The Purple Store ( planning and scheming what to buy and when to buy. We also spent some time at Grandma Purple (

So when Ochie came home after 8 months in Minnesota, one of her balikbayan boxes is mostly MY PURPLE STUFF! I was in purple heaven when I spread them on my bed and took pictures.

I loved my purple camouflage shorts but the hubby snatched it for himself. That nice purple pullover sweater is yet to be worn...I am looking forward to wearing it to my Hongkong trip end of this month. The purple sports bra is one of my favorite things. It has seen many badminton and volleyball games. The rolling backpack has travelled to Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and soon Hongkong. Ochie gifted me with that cardigan sweater. And of course, my Ipod video dressed in purple IFrogz which I adore and carry with me always.

I want to do this again..horde purple stuff but Ochie is now back in Manila and there's no one crazy enough to do this with me. In the meantime, I'm browsing through the stores and bookmark!

Gomenasai Takuya...I'm a Technosaurus!

I wanted to make a video project for Takuya's 35th birthday. But I am a technosaurus when it comes to ripping video clips from dvds.

My definition of a technosaurus is someone who has dinosaur age skills in multi-media applications such as ripping, cutting and splitting and editing video. Are you one of us? :-D Raise your hands people!

I am so upset that I cannot give due homage to my unreachable star. Again, for those who are not from this planet, this man IS JAPAN'S MEGASUPERSTAR. And he is my Man of La Mancha. The one I crazily love. I may be a fan of F4 but Takuya is my heart for the past 3 years. My impossible dream!

I did see him in Japan in 2005 but he was up on stage and I was only one of the 80,000 people in the dome. I want a moment with the guy but he does not go out of Japan much. He does not "do" autograph signings. He does not hold fan meetings. In short, it is very, very, hard to see him.

I am in awe of Takuya's multitude of talent - acting, singing, dancing, playing the guitar, natural athlete, cooking, etc. He has a lot of imperfections - average height, uneven teeth but sexy, sexy as hell. Oops!

Since I cannot make a video of him yet, I'll just show you people this video of him singing with his group SMAP one of their hit songs Lion Heart.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Taipei in Videos - Street Food

I did not have my own camera on this trip. I know, unforgiveable! But my camera did not get out of the hospital in time for the trip. So my intent was really to filch from the girls. But I also realized that my mobile phone has a video function. So for the very first time, I did a video log of what I saw of Taipei.

The first thing that we did after checking in at our hotel was eat. There are street food available just a few steps from our hotel. This is very amateurish but meet the girls and our not so inviting food. Our palate just wasn't used to the "chinese" taste. We all loved the fried rice but the comment.

Without further ado, meet the my travel partners and our first taste of Taiwan food.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Before Any Fangirling Happens....Shopping!!!

I never thought that Taipei would be a shopping haven. And since the exchange rate with the peso is about NT$ 1.4 to Php 1, the itch to whip out my phone calculator whenever I shop overseas did not happen.

The Ximending ( area alone holds many treasures for shoppers. I could not control myself when I bought all these cds! Too bad I don't know the name of the cd shop (but its in the 2nd floor of the shops fronting the main road) but everything that I asked for they have - SMAP, Kokia and Masaharu Fukuyama. I even got the Original Sound Track of Princess Hours, one of my favorite korean drama.

Aside from cds from Japan and Korea, another happy discovery is that Taiwan is a mecca for purple lovers like me. Sweaters, bags and shoes are all available in purple. And the prices! If only I have smaller feet (I am probably the only geisha incarnate that has size 9 feet! Hahaha!) I would have come home broke. There are a lot of stores that sell cute flat shoes for NT$ 190 or around Php 250 pesos. The more expensive ones are at NT$ 390 or Php 550 - yeah right! I could not even get shoes that cheap in the Jatujak market in Bangkok.

Presenting the hoodie sweater and flat shoes that I got. Wore them on my trip to Yilan, Vic Chou's hometown. Aren't they adorable?

Sweater = NT$ 390 (Php 550)

Flat shoes = NT$ 190 (Php 250)

Ochie bought me a couple of underwear and my happiest buy of all is this bag from Baleno ( Just in time since the bag I use everyday already died on me. Not sure if I will still see this same bag in Hongkong this month end so I grabbed it.

So shopping done, me and the girls went about what we originally came here for - sightseeing of Meteor Garden locations, Album launching events of Vic "Zaizai" Chou and of course, the F4 Party Part 2!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Remembering the Parental Units on All Soul's Day

The kids nowadays call them parental units. To me, they are simply my Maming and Paping - parents in heaven.

All Soul's Day is one of the most important holidays in the Philippines. Filipinos flock to the cemeteries to remember the departed members of their families. Many even go as far as their hometowns where ancestors are buried.

Since my Maming's passing away in 2000, my family has started this tradition of going to the cemetery either before or after the official day of November 1st. This year we went on November 3rd. Despite it being the 3rd day of a 4 day-long holiday, there were still tons of people at the Manila Memorial Park.

I was so sure that my Maming and Paping were happy to see what's left of their Kamp in the Philippines. They would be also be proud that prayers were led by their 7 going 8 grandson Spade.

Paterno (+) and Erlinda Dimaano (+), you will always, always be remembered.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Taipei 101: Tallest in the world with the Fastest Elevator!

One of the non-negotiable places that I wanted to see in Taipei is the current world's tallest building - Taipei 101. I told the girls that I am not leaving Taiwan without seeing it. So before we did any fangirl activities, we had a short debate whether to go during the day or night. I guess the pictures tell which opinion won.

From Taipei Main Station, the building is about 10 mins away on foot. I must admit that at first sight, the Petronas Tower in Malaysia looked more impressive especially with the lights on. But this building stands above the rest in Taipei that when you go around the city, it serves as a beacon and guide to all.

The experience I had at the 86th floor viewing area was one of the most awesome I have ever had. There is a free audio tour that guides you where to look and tells you what you are looking at. Not for the acrophobic (fear of heights), the sight of Taipei in lights was surprisingly beautiful.

To get to the 86th floor, one must take a 30 second elevator ride from the 6th floor of the building. 80 floors in 30 seconds!!! And that is courtesy of what the Taiwanese claim as the fastest elevator in the world. Going down is a bit slow - yeah 37 seconds! But if they go any faster my eardrums would probably blow up into pieces so thank God for that extra 7 seconds of slowness. Hahaha!

Visitors must not miss the souvenir shop. Though the T-shirts are a bit pricey at NT$ 650 (approx. Php 910), they are of good quality and design. Plus, for some reason you won't find much t-shirts in the night markets and Ximending area. Puzzling...

And the coolest thing for me is that they have a mailing station right there where you buy a postcard and a stamp for about NT$ 6, write on your card and drop in a mailbox. There are even stamp pads that you can use that says "family", "friend", etc. So Ochie and I decided to exchange postcards and mail each other from 101.

I walked away, looking back and saying in the words of my nephew Spade - awesome, awesome!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wish to see you, Taiwan!

So off I went to Taiwan...6 days and 5 nights. As a first time visitor, I wondered how I would like Taiwan. Pre-exposed to this country because of the dramas and music videos that I watched over the last few years, I wanted to know if I will like the country in the flesh as they say.

During the 2-hour flight, I listened to Vic Chou's album Remember I Love You (,_I_Love_You) to familiarize my ears to the sound of the Mandarin language again. It has been a while since I listened to Mandarin songs (more about why later..) and the short flight is just about right for one album.

On arrival at the Taoyuan International Airport, I thought it looked like Fukuoka's airport. Very simple. Not as breathtaking as Suvarnabhumi in my humble opinion. What will make the airport unforgettable to a fangirl tourist like me is this:

Naturally, everyone on the Cebu Pacific flight who is a fan of F4 stopped and took pictures to the amusement or snickers of non-believers. To heck with getting out of immigration - photo op muna!

While I was lining up to get my passport stamped, I suddenly felt an old excitement which I had not had in quite a while...anticipation of seeing not only Taiwan but the 4 boys who greeted me and the places where they were seen, walked and filmed.

The only cog in the wheel of this nice welcome was the sight of about 50 Filipino workers being literally horded out of the airport by this nasty Filipino-Chinese coordinator who shouts and gives horrible sounding instructions in Tagalog. I felt offended by his harsh instruction of a very simple thing such as taking their jackets off (I wonder why this was such a big thing for him?). I can only wish them good luck and say a quick prayer for their success.

......taking deep breathes......

The girls and I rode the airport shuttle that took us to Cosmos hotel where one can take a short cab ride to the Ximending area where we stayed. Now, Ximending..that's another story.

Note: This purple blogger will never compare her own country's pauper looking NAIA airport. Ever. Period.